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Such a great way to see the city- especially quaint neighborhoods off the beaten path. Evan was an excellent knowledgeable guide, and his self assurance throughout the city streets gave me peace of mind. I would highly recommend Portland Bicycle Tours for all visitors and even for locals who want to explore more in their own backyard. Do it… you won’t regret it! – Marisa Conroy, Essential Portland Tour

It was an excellent tour, educational, active and entertaining. I was really glad I booked it in advance as it was a busy weekend. I loved the way I could book it online from abroad. – Zen Alberta, Essential Portland Tour

We enjoyed a thoughtfully planned,  scenic route through the neighborhoods of Portland. Safety was our guides first concern at all times. Many facts and useful information about Portland’s past, present, and future were shared. I am ready for another ride with Portland Bicycle Tours. Our pace was great… Let’s Roll!    – Helen Conroy, Essential Portland Tour

The folks at Portland Bike Tours were great. My guide Keegan was friendly and informative. The bike riding was easy and included stops for brief talks on Portland history, city layout, culture, etc. and stops for food – coffee at one location, choice from multiple food trucks at the next, and finally chocolate. Highgly recommended. – Charles M. , Foodie Fieldtrip

Awesome fun bikes, old cruisers, great prices, and excellent service. Blue Raleigh cruiser and PBT… all you need to have a great touring time in Portland.  – Josh Roemer, Bike Rentals

My wife and I had an amazing time riding around to different breweries. I couldn’t ask for a more perfect day. We hit six breweries scattered around the town effortlessly. The best time ever! Thank You! Highly recommended, do it!! – Justin Scott – DIY Brewery Tour


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