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Picking The Best Fenders For Wet Riding – Cycle Portland

As the weather gets wetter, and excellent storms brew on the horizon many of us (who haven’t already) start looking for ways to avoid the good ol’ “mud on the back” conundrum. Though they may look so at first glance, not all fenders are created equal, and some fit much better with certain needs. At Cycle Portland we have a great selection of the best fenders for wet riding to choose from, and can even install them for you at affordable, everyday prices. Bring your bike in and we will match you with the fender that fits your style and needs.

How to choose your fender:

Fenders are not only a good investment but represent a huge visual aspect of your bike. Three things to keep in mind when choosing a fender for your bike are style, size and function. The three main styles are Full Fenders, Partial Fenders and Clip-Ons. You’ll want to buy fenders that are big enough for the largest tires you plan on running on your bicycle, but not so large that they impede their utility on smaller tires you may choose to install.  As for function, there exists a spectrum between “good enough for a quick shower” and “Hello my name is ‘I ride through tsunami’s'”. Read below to find out which may work best for you, and why finding the best fit for your needs is key to a great fender experience.

Full fenders:

This is a set of two, front and back, that wraps most of the way around top and sides of tires. Quality fenders have two sets of stays (rods that attach to the bike frame) for stability that require mounts near the hubs on the frame. The full fenders also require clearance between the tire and the fork and seat stay. This style is perfect for the daily commuter to keep you dry. Full fenders also help to keep debris out of your chain and chainrings which can prolong the life of your bicycle, and how often you need to clean it.

Best Wet Weather Fender

Our staff favorite full fender at the shop is the Velo ORANGE  (pictured above) hammered aluminum fender. It is worth the investment for its style and function. One thing we really like about the VO’s is that while they’re a bit more complicated than others to install, once they’re mounted properly they provide years of hassle free use, and look great on almost any bike.

Best Wet Weather Fenders Portland

Cyclone (our local bicycle supplier) just released a great alternative to Velo Orange’s fenders which is an excellent option for the VO look at a fraction of the cost – We’ve examined these and it appears that they use the exact same process as VO’s for manufacturing. They also come in suave matte black, silver, and copper (our favorite). You have to see these in person to capture how awesome they are, so drop by if you’re in town!

Partial fenders:

These are similar to the full fenders, but they don’t cover the entire wheel. This is a good option for a bike without sufficient clearance between the fork or seat stay and the tire such as road or racing bikes. The partial fender covers the back of each tire but nothing on the front, just catching the back splash. We like the SKS Velo Urban model for a quick install and slim fender profile.

Best Fenders Partial


A clip-on fender attaches to the seatpost (or seat rails) and extends over the rear tire. Good for keeping a stripe off the backside, this is a great just-in-case accessory. For sudden summer rain storms, or the all out-dump in winter, keep a spare at the office for a wet ride home. The clip-on rear fender has plenty of skeptics because it really only serves one purpose––you won’t keep your front, shoes or frame protected. There are, however, a few clip-ons for the front as well as the back tires that offer a little more practical coverage.

We love the Planet Bike SpeedEz Road Clip-On fenders, they are super sturdy (for clip-on’s) and easy to install.

Should you Mud Flap?

Yes! Mud flaps can be added to the base of your fenders (the back) to ensure ultimate water protection for you and the cyclist friends behind you – something that really makes a difference in Portland. This accessory gets added onto fenders; those that can take mud flaps will have pre-drilled holes, or if you’re crafty and don’t mind a little overlap you can drill your own. Most full fenders usually come in “mudflap” and “non-mudflap” versions, with the mudflap versions costing a little more. In our experience, it’s almost always better to go with flaps as they are such a great way to be a considerate commuter around town, in addition to keeping you a bit drier.

Wet Fender Mud Flaps

And of course you can always read up on what the ever pragmatic Sheldon Brown had to say about fenders.

If you haven’t equipped fenders for for the winter, or want to find out more just drop by and we’ll get you set up with a great solution!

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Biking The Murals Of Portland

This article brought to you by our resident art expert and tour guide extraordinaire Melissa – thanks!


On a typical overcast day in Portland over eighty cyclists and art enthusiasts gathered at the 28th and Burnside food cart pod in anticipation of the art exploration ride. The tour was led by Megan Sinnott a local bike enthusiast who put together the casual ride through 4 of Portland’s 5 quadrants to experience the murals of Portland, mainly, the new FFTT 2015 murals and others along the way. Forest For The Trees has been bringing art to blank walls in Portland for the past three summers by sponsoring international, national and local muralists

Murals of Portland

The mural festival’s name comes from the phrase you can’t see the forest for the trees, which signifies the inability to understand the greater picture when you’re too focused solely on what’s in front of you. Forest For The Trees hopes to pull Portland’s residents away from their daily routines and provides them a moment of appreciation for the creativity that surrounds us in the Pacific Northwest. Check below to see some of the best murals of Portland we discovered during the ride!

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Cycle Portland get’s more media love!


The word is out! Cycle Portland is a must do on your visit to Portland. Thanks to Suitcase Magazine for giving us a shout out in their September 2015 “Beyond Portlandia” piece. What a great roundup of what the greater Portland area has to offer. Check it out!

The Guardian listed Cycle Portland as their recommended bike hire in their “Top 10 Bike-Friendly Wine Routes” article. Yes! -Here’s one for globe-trotting cycling fans and oenophiles – from La Loire à Vélo in France to New Zealand’s Marlborough Wine Trail, a selection of routes that take in some of the best wine regions across the planet – The Guardian.

And thanks to Time Out Portland for including us in there “The 20 best things to do in Portland” list. Biking between breweries made #10!

Thanks to everyone for getting the word out about Cycle Portland quality! Our season continues to roll strong due to sunny skies, great customer “word of mouth” advertising, and the media articles that keep popping up over the world. It’s been another gangbusters season and we’re getting ready for the holidays with Gift Cards and Accessory Sales. Stop By!

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Join Us For Bike Industry Night May

Join us Thursday night 5/7/15 for the Cycle Portland Bike Industry Night. This monthly event is FREE, open to the public and highlights a different Bike themed Business. This month we are proud to be hosting Red Bat Press. Join us for a First Thursday celebration of bike business and bike culture with a happy hour style event of conversations related to the Portland Bike Industry.

Red Bat Press’s release of “Hidden Portland’s 2015 Museums & Collections guide” will kick off the evening from 4:30-7:00PM.

Purchase $5 or more from Red Bat Press, AND GET A FREE BEER!               4:30-7pm. 117 NW 2nd Ave. Portland, Ore.

Thanks to Hopworks Brewing- Oregon’s first all organic brewery – for sponsoring Cycle Portland.

Red Bat Press

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Cycle Portland wins Best Deal for Bike Rental 2015

Thanks to our friends over at The Johnston Law firm for putting this infographic together. Cycle Portland comes out on top for Portland’s cheapest all day bike rental. We strive to provide the best value in Portland when it comes to the bike business so stop on by!

2015 Portland Bicycle Rental Infographic

Anyone living in Portland knows how popular bicycle riding has become for commuting to work, sight seeing  or just getting around town. Join in on the fun for any reason, or no reason at all!

If you don’t have a bicycle, you can rent a wide variety of bikes for just about any duration. Since most find the common “city bike” perfectly suitable for getting from point A to B, we set out to find the cheapest full day rental for a city bike this season and here’s what we found.

Portland Bike Rental Infographic

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