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Summer Wine Mixer – taking a stand on the CRC!

Taking a Stand on the CRC! A Summer Wine Mixer for CLF- Aug. 15 Return to Top
Taking a Stand on the CRC Mega-Project!

A Summer Wine Mixer for CLF

Because nothing says fun like a costly, risky highway mega-project.
Coalition for a Livable Future has filed litigation to protect people’s health and the environment from the CRC mega-project, and we need your help!
CLF has long been a leading voice calling for a smaller, less expensive, more environmentally responsible approach to I-5, and for a just and sustainable Portland metro region.   Please join us on Wednesday, August 15 for a wine mixer in support of CLF’s work on the CRC mega-project.
Wednesday, August 15, 2012, 5:30-8:00pm
Red Slate Wine Company, 107 SE Washington St. 1st floor south atrium, Portland
Appetizers will be served

Suggested donation:
Taking a Stand Supporter:  sliding scale, suggested $25 minimum
Taking a Stand Member:  $50 minimum, includes one year CLF membership
Taking a Stand Champion:  $100 minimum, includes three pour wine tasting and one year CLF membership
Donating online is easy, or pay at the door.

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