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another great Portlandia Bike Tour

Portland Green Tour

Thanks to Jeff and Susan visiting from Portland, Maine who requested a green “Portlandia” tour and mentioned their fondness of the new 6 part mini series “Portlandia” by Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein on the IFC Channel. A big fan of the show myself, we went to check out the East Bank Esplanade where the opening “Portland, Dream of the ’90’s ” scene was shot. I also took them to an un-named SE Bookstore, and a local farm that provides produce for farms downtown. Fun! We also made some new mates visiting from Australia on Friday’s tour and visited Portland State University, the 12 West building (the new one with 4 windmills on top) and got to check out the Pearl Bakery for a treat. Join us on a ride to the Mission Theater to see next weeks episode of “Portlandia” on the big screen.

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