Bikeability Tour Offers New Facilities

Thanks to our visitors from South Africa this week who requested the Portland Bikeability Tour. Active transportation is our passion around here and we enjoy sharing some of Portland’s solutions with friends from around the world. Exploring our neighborhood green-ways is a great way to spend a sunny afternoon. We had an urban planner visiting who wanted to see the latest infrastructure and we just so happen to have a new cycle specific signal treatment at a dangerous intersections for right turns adjacent to a freeway on ramp. phew! We also took a look at the traffic calming storm-water management swales on SE Ankeney St. and enjoyed the blooming craftsman neighborhoods. Lots of rentals this weekend with the sunny weather and exiting tours coming up this week including another Food Cart Bike Tour the Tastes of Portland Tour – one of my favorites.

Portland Bike Tours explores what Spring has to offer


Active Transportation Summit Ride

Great rides this week in Oregon, both at the Active Transportation Summit in Salem and here in the city. Last night was the annual Bike to Blazers event and large groups of neighborhood riders cruised on two wheels to the “green game”. We helped organize an indoor roller races event with some Cyclocross friends Team Beer. Gold Sprints is the name of the game and riders race on stationary bikes while their progress towards a distance goal is projected on the wall in real time. Great crowd participation ( especially near the beer garden ) and we even got to witness a fantastic display of sportsmascotship in a race between the Portland Farmers Market Tomato and the Kaiser Permenente Dalmatian. Awesome video here. Thanks again to Team Beer!



Team Beer Gold Sprints

The Japanese cherries are blooming on the waterfront and our neighborhood green-ways are filling with cyclists once again. visiting Portland? consider a afternoon city tour or state wide route . Friends visiting? We have affordable rentals and you can show them your favorite path.


Portland Bike stats on Wikipedia

Interesting to see the Wikipedia wrap sheet for cycling in PDX. Check it out!

Tourism economy

This is a great comprehensive break down of most of the components that help shape the bike culture here. Cycling related economy is valued at about $90 million here ( and new bike businesses are sprouting up all the time – a continuing thread in the green business sector.