New Sierra Cascades Bicycle Route


New 2,389-mile route will guide cyclists along the splendor of the Pacific Crest

Adventure Cycling Association’s Jim Sayer (executive director) and Jenn Milyko (cartographer) will visit Washington and Oregon, April 6-8, 2010, to unveil the Association’s brand new, 2,389-mile Sierra Cascades Bicycle Route and to share the latest news on bicycle travel and adventures in North America. Events will be held at the Seattle, Portland, and Eugene REIs (see below for event details).

A 2,389-mile road-based journey, the new route stretches from Sumas, Washington, through the Cascade Range into Oregon, southward through the Sierra Nevada Range, to the Tehachapi and San Bernardino Mountains in Southern California, ending in Tecate, California, at the Mexican border. The route roughly parallels the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail, passing around and through many of North America’s mountain gems, from Mount Rainier and Mount Hood to Lake Tahoe, Yosemite and Kings Canyon National Parks.

Sierra Cascades maps will be available later in April. The new route takes the Adventure Cycling Route Network over 40,000 miles (40,633, to be precise), the equivalent of riding around the planet more than one-and-a-half times! Adventure Cycling’s network is the largest mapped cycling route system in the world.

The Northwest events will be grand celebrations with Adventure Cycling’s friends at REI who provided financial support for route research. For years, REI has generously supported Adventure Cycling’s development of routes such as the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route and the Underground Railroad Bicycle Route. REI has provided $30,000 in support of the Sierra Cascades route.

Join Adventure Cycling staff and members to celebrate with refreshments and fun, engaging presentations on the new Sierra Cascades Bicycle Route and the latest news on bicycle travel.

When: Tuesday, April 6, 2010, Refreshments at 5:30 p.m.; Presentation at 6:00 p.m.
Where: REI’s Flagship Store in central Seattle. Directions: or call (206) 223-1944.
RSVP: Please RSVP by April 2nd to Beth Petersen, at 800-755-2453 x 211

When: Wednesday, April 7, Refreshments at 7:00 p.m., Presentation at 7:30 p.m.
Where: REI’s Store in the Pearl District. Directions: or call (503) 221-1938.
RSVP: Please RSVP by April 2nd to Beth Petersen, at 800-755-2453 x 211

When: Thursday, April 8, Refreshments at 7:00 p.m., Presentation at 7:30 p.m.
Where: REI’s Store in central Eugene. Directions: or call or call (541) 465-1800.
RSVP: Please RSVP by April 5th to Beth Petersen, at 800-755-2453 x 211

Momentum Magazine issue #44

There is a fantastic new Momentum issue out. I’m really looking forward to their Portland kickoff party after the Pedal Nation Bike Show this April. It’s going to be at the Jupiter Hotel on E Burnside. Great articles and profile pieces in this issue. Elly Blue wrote an interesting article on cycling in PDX and I really liked the Trailblazers piece by Jeff Mapes – “How Bicycle Advocates Defined North American Cycling Culture 1970-2010”. What an amazing time line.

Thanks to Momentum Magazine for mentioning us in the Portland Visitor’s Guide.

We even made it on the sweet Portland By Bike map by Urban Adventure League extraordinaire Shawn Granton.

Momentum issue #44

Cant wait for the next Portland Issue –

Evening Rides with PCC

Evening rides with PCC

Join PCC and Portland Bicycle Tours, and explore our great city!  We provide the bicycle, helmet and the guide on these three hour tours.  Space is limited, so sign up right away!

PCC rides coming soon

Bridge History Tour

Explore the bridges, history, public art, and the esplanade bike way that lines the Willamette.  Learn about the remodel that changed the landscape of our Waterfront Park and what is in store for our waterways.

July 13th , 6-9pm, $59

Portland City Tour

Take a ride with us as we cruise to some sights in downtown Portland and share a bit of the Portlandia story. Find out why Portland is “the city that works” while learning about our urban growth boundary.

July 20th, 6-9pm, $59

Portland Parks Tour

Portland is a city that blooms all year round! Visit a dormant volcano with an amazing variety of plant species, a community garden teeming with life, and enjoy the calm riding streets we call Bike Boulevards.

July 27th, 6-9pm, $59

Pedalivery Story on

Stoked to see our bike delivery efforts have been recognized in a recent blog post on Here is the link:

Here is the Story:

Bike business entrepreneur launches “Pedalivery” service

Posted by Jonathan Maus (Publisher/Editor) on March 18th, 2010 at 11:53 am

Pedalivery’s flatbed trailer delivery bike.
(Photo: Evan Ross)

Evan Ross, owner of Portland Bicycle Tours, has added yet another bike-based business to his repertoire — Pedalivery.

Ross already offers bike tours, rentals, bike-share, service and repair from a shop space in Old Town (that he shares with Portland Pedicabs and Icicle Tricycles). Now he’s got a delivery service too. Ross says he launched Pedalivery back in December when his other businesses slowed down in the off-season. “Tours and rentals were slow and I had enough random inquiries and interest in deliveries, so I decided to build a website and roll with this idea.”

City of Portland bike sharing demonstration-30

Serial bike entrepreneur
Evan Ross.
(Photo © J. Maus)e

Ross says response has been great so far and he’s getting work delivering everything from freight to food cart orders on his various cargo bikes. He’s got a flatbed trailer, a “pick-up truck” trailer, and several converted kid trailers (that he also rents out).

The cost is $10 per delivery in central downtown (an additional $3 to cross the river to the eastside). “I was worried at first that I needed to charge more,” says Ross, “but people seem to tip well because they understand that I’m human-powered and they like the idea… That’s made the difference, people’s generosity and tips.”

Ross has an intern starting later this month and he plans to keep the delivery service going, even as his other businesses ramp up in spring and summer. “It’s been a real positive response.”

Check out for more info.

Farm to Fork by bike

This is an event that is planned for September 19th 2010. Feel free to contact me for more information and look for registration opportunities in the Summer Catalog for Portland Community College.

Harvest Time!

Farm to Fork by Bike

On September 19, 2010, Portland Farmers Market fans can dig into Portland’s famed food and cycle scene with a guided immersion experience in urban farming and farmers’ markets. Portland Bicycle Tours will lead a group from Eastbank Esplanade to Zenger Farm via the Springwater Corridor. The group will help with Zenger’s harvest, tour the farm, meet the resident chickens and bees, and then head to Lents International Farmer’s Market for a quick visit. After Lents, the group will journey to the King Market via MAX light rail. At King, PFM staff will give a ‘behind the scenes’ market tour before turning the group loose to shop for lunch and picnic in the park adjacent to the market. Participants get market token for picnic shopping at the market. Join Us!

This slow season, busiest ever

This is a bike move

I was taking a look back at our business journal of activity over the “slow” winter months and it reminded me that we still had events to participate in almost every day. The first week in December was full of Bicycle Business League meetings, Car Free Happy Hours, Willamette Pedestrian Coalition socials, Axles of Evil Bike Polo, and even the annual Bike Craft Fair. Before the halfway point of the month, we had a Christmas lights ride, Marketing workshops, and attended the Travel Portland Open House. We had the first ever Trans Con PDX meeting, and saw “The Metal Cowboy” present his new book at River City Bikes. More Holiday Parties, and Tall Bike rides, polo games, and BBL meetings rounded out the month before heading home for the Holidays.

January Started out just as busy with a New Years Day ride with the Bicycle Transportation Alliance – BTA. We explored the new Bike Boulevard on Spokane St. in Sellwood and took the lane on the Sellwood Bridge. I  started organizing for our Rain Garden Class that we are co-hosting with Sustainable Site Specialist Maria Cahill. For More Information and to register:

I also started meeting with the Portland Farmers Market about our “Farm to Fork” ride planned for September 2010. This is also a project with Portland Community College, and I will be hosting a few tours for the Summer Catalog. I was invited to be in a Nutcase Helmets photo shoot and they gave me a free helmet for my time. Not to shabby. I finally got the new Bike Tour Fliers that I ordered two months ago (still looking for a reliable printer in this town ) and helped my friend Ben with his bike move. A group of 20 of us used trailers and cargo bikes to move all his possessions across town to his new house without any fossil fuel.   I attended the annual Portland Traffic Safety Convergence and we talked about solutions to problems in out transportation infrastructure. Lots of pedestrian issues to improve if you ask me. Next I visited the monthly Volunteer Bicycle Advisory Committee meeting and sat in on presentations from the Bureau of Transportation on the Bicycle Master Plan update for 2030. Still some bike rentals and BBL meetings, and a presentation from National Geographic on the new Geo Travel NW map. This is a beautiful resource that was made possible from Travel Oregon and other partners.

pile o signs for the rally

I was invited as a guest to attend on of Portland’s Sustainable Un-Conferences and it definitely made me think about all kinds of stuff. The model is that the participants get to choose to lead small break out groups on any topic they want. Four or so topics are chosen by popularity of a sign up sheet and the groups move to separate and start discussion. Participants can change or update a group anytime they want. Naturally I did a talk on the Bicycle Business League, but then moved on to visit other groups and their topics. Thanks to for the guest pass. I finished out the Month with freelance guiding xc ski trips for a company called NW Discoveries and parties for the former BTA Executive Director. Still hitting up the late night bike club rides and participating in the occasional ZooBomb. We hosted a sign making party at the Pedalworks shop for the upcoming Bicycle Master Plan Rally that was held on Feb 4th.  Oh, Man… We had our first annual  Tweed Ride and I had a blast. I took the Penny Farthing out to show it off, but the start location was surrounded by train tracks, so it made things a bit difficult. I like to ride that crazy bike, but could not keep up with the group – so I switched out to rock the leather single speed- “Patina”

Penny Farthing

Spring is Here

We’ve had a few tours this week, riding along the new blooms at the waterfront and soaking up some much needed vitamin D. I lead a ride to the NE budget hearing last week and was interviewed for this story that showed up on Portland Online. Here is the link to the story on the Portland is Better Together page. In other news I finalized plans to offer a couple tours for Portland Community College classes and will be hosting those in July. I’ll post the dates soon. We are also working with PCC on a Farm to Market event that will hopefully take place in September. Sta